Kambo Cleansing: Self-Discovery & Renewal

Today, the Kambo ceremony is becoming popular as a captivating practice in holistic wellness and healing. Kambo is becoming well-known in traditional medicine to explore self-discovery, renewal and shedding of layers that are no longer useful in our lives. Here’s a snapshot of what this introduction covers: Kambo Ceremony. An enigmatic and ancient tradition, the […]

Guaranteed 100% Return on Your Investment – You Can’t Fail!

Have you ever stopped to consider the most invaluable investment opportunity that exists—one where failure is simply not an option? Picture this: you are healthy, physically fit, in great mood, looking forward to do what you love free from pain and suffering. Welcome to the new, improved version of YOU walking the path: confident, strong […]

The Insanity Fitness Program is Truly Insane!

The Insanity fitness program is truly insane, but I had to see for myself what all the hype is all about. I have heard about the Insanity workout for years, but never considered going through it until my friends Kurt and Jules brought it to my attention in Samara, Costa Rica. They have gone through […]

Why Bufo Alvarius Ceremony Should Be Mandatory

The Sacred Toad ceremony should be mandatory! At least once in your lifetime. This is a very big statement, isn’t it? I think so too. It fills my heart with joy to write these words, because I know they will find their reader. Not everyone will understand everything I will present in this article, but […]

10 Reasons Kambo is the Most Powerful Detox – Plugin Mind

The power of nature can’t be underestimated. We come from nature, we are nature, so it only makes sense to use what was given to us by the same force that created us! Giant monkey frog (Phyllomedusa bicolor) lives in the Amazonian Rainforest where the natives use its secretion to gain strength, build immunity, cure […]

Importance of Facing Fear and Befriending the Ego

Fear is necessary for our individual survival and staying alive. It is logical that having a functional fear response is essential in nature, because if an organism is not thinking about its own protection – it will likely become someone’s dinner. So, fear acts is a mechanism that protects the individual and keeps it away […]