The Sacred Toad ceremony should be mandatory! At least once in your lifetime.

This is a very big statement, isn’t it? I think so too. It fills my heart with joy to write these words, because I know they will find their reader. Not everyone will understand everything I will present in this article, but there will be many of you who will resonate at a deep level. Call it cellular level, intuition or repressed memory, but you will feel affinity to some of these statements. At the same time, there also may be fear presenting itself and guarding your mental equilibrium, as it should. As you read these words, I invite you to suspend judgment and criticism and allow magic to enter your conscious thought. At this time in our evolutionary history we are just discovering, actually remembering who we really are, which is pure unconditional love experiencing itself through a unique point of observation – YOU!

As long as I can remember, I wanted to know the truth and was curious to know, discover and learn about the workings of nature, how our bodies function on a physical and cellular levels. I was always interested in psychology and how our minds work, what happens when we die, is there reincarnation? If I have a soul, will I become another person in the next reincarnation? Or a plant? All of that was extremely interesting, but very confusing because much of the information that I learned, contradicted each other as I got older. Is this the only life that we live as humans?

As a child growing up in Ukraine, being curious and creative, going to school often felt like work. Mainly, what we learned was not very interesting to me, so I spent much time learning outside of class. I did like the social aspect of school and took advantage of it. During my teenage years, my family immigrated to Canada where I went to high school followed by a science degree in biology, Honors Specialist in Genetics. I am glad this made my mother very proud. Then I became a science teacher and taught high school biology, chemistry and mathematics at an Arts school in Ontario, Canada.

I mention all this for a number of reasons. I have gone through the education system, I have been an integral part of it, I was in front of children trying my best to communicate what I believed to be true and to share some of my knowledge. If you know a lot – you can make better decisions. At least that is what I thought at the time. Formal education taught me discipline, responsibility, accountability and I am grateful to everyone I my path of re-discovery who I am!

For many years I focused on cultivating my left hemisphere believing that knowledge is power! At this point in my life, I believe that we need to do the opposite! Instead of running our mental capacity sorting through facts and using logic – we need to get out of the mind and learn to feel. It may sound easy, but we have been conditioned to rely on history, politics, authority, use science and concrete facts to consider different arguments and make conclusions, even use technology to make sense of the world around us. By getting out of the mind and feeling, we are getting in touch with something very special, very sacred, very alive and real. We are tapping into the essence of the human experience. The reason why we are alive may not be obvious, but listening to our heart and intuition it is clear that we are here to enjoy, love, share ourselves, and celebrate the victory of the human spirit!

This sacred medicine, Bufo Alvarius has the power to interfere with the usual workings of our decision- making machinery and scramble the programs that are running in the background. When the programs that interpret the matrix are impacted, we can still feel who we are minus these programs that put us in a “box” or give us identities to adhere to. There is nothing to stop and protect us from feeling the essence of who we really are and the puzzle of everything that you ever questioned, ever wondered about fits and all pieces snap into place. This is the purest state of being, feeling and living.

It is impossible to do justice and describe the profound nature of the experience with the Sacred Toad. No matter how eloquent, precise the descriptors may be – they will not be enough. The language itself is a so called “box” that has its rules and limitations. How can one describe the experience of oneness, eternity, unconditional love, the essence of reality, being, and all the sensations that reaffirm that we are all God? You and I, our friends and so-called enemies, animals and trees, rocks, water, everything that there is has been divinely created and has a perfect role in this existence. That’s a quite a mouthful… What I am trying to say that the feeling of gratitude, joy, aliveness, perfection of each blade of grass, each leaf, each wrinkle on your hand is just the way it has to be. Perfect in every way without needing to be changed or fixed.

Some may not like the word God as it has different connotations, but I refer to it more as the Source. The fractal of all that is. And we are perfect beings of love, caught in a web, seem to be walking each other home!

One thing is certain. We can’t cheat and escape death. This part is a necessary part of the human experience and no amount of money and power can buy immortality. (Actually, there is nothing to buy, we are all immortal, eternal flames of love). My point is that 5 MeO-DMT, or the active ingredient in the medicine, can bring about a state of mental liberation that can be described as death of ego and programs that have been running your life. All uncertainty, not feeling enough, guilt, shame, indecision, worry, anxiety, fear of death, fear of failure, fear of war and famine, alcoholism, drug abuse and so many others are all melted into the essence of purity, knowing, acceptance and liberation that leads to a fundamental change in your essence. Your very core can no longer agree with the conditioning and programs that make you a slave and bind you to expectations of others – friends, family, teachers, preachers, government, societal norms and world agendas. Here, we can step into our power and declare how things are going to be from now on. Oh, so beautiful.

Having survived death, having seen, heard, felt the truth of what is, one has a beautiful opportunity to make the necessary changes in our lives. You can change everything you wish, because you are in control of what happens to you. You are the creator of this reality and you dictate what you attract or manifest into your life. It all starts with a thought. Think thoughts that you wish and the matrix will change around you. It will mold, bend, adjust and present you with opportunities so that you can achieve goals and live joyously and proudly, being a role model for your children, friends and family.

You have the power! You always had it within you!

To really bring about meaningful change, we need to know who we are and what we really want followed by a disciplined way of integrating this knowledge into our daily lives. It is an investment of time and energy into what you really want to see happen – the investment in yourself, the most important person for you! Because without you – nothing exists. You are the common denominator in everything that happens to you, so accepting total responsibility and consequences for your actions is paramount. No more off-loading what we must feel, do and be to please others. It is our choice to face ourselves, to face fear, let the memories of our past flood in to be transmuted into love and released forever in the most perfect explosion of the known and unknown, good and evil, sacred and mundane, addictions, tears, rejections, failures, the hidden and never discussed – all of that can be transmuted. It can be acknowledged and exploded into a billion pieces! Only if you make a choice and allow yourself to liberate. To awaken and help awaken others. You can forgive and let go of everyone who is energetically connected to what you are going through and currently dealing with.

Identify what it that you want in your life and start making steps towards these things. All we really have of value is time! Let’s put ourselves in the centre of our Universe and pay ourselves first. Non-negotiably, every day. We owe it to ourselves to do what is right, to follow the truth – whatever it may be for you, to declare that we are free sovereign being and to give ourselves permission to live, love ourselves and others, to laugh, feel, cry and celebrate that they never had a fucking chance!

We win! Purity wins!
Love always wins!


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