Bufo Alvarius Ceremonies

Welcome to Your Liberation

Bufo Alvarius or also known as Bufo and The Sacred Toad is the most powerful psychedelic medicine on this planet. This entheogen enables us to go from duality to non-duality in one single inhale. During the experience, all programs which prevent us from feeling our true essence are lifted to reveal what was always hidden within – that you are pure love experiencing consciousness through a unique vantage point of being you! 

Time to play small is over and together we will guide you back home, back to the real you – not the persona or a mask you may have been wearing to please or impress others (and youself). We help you reset your mind to run programs that serve you best! 

It is time to step into the most powerful, honest, authentic version of yourself so that you can live your life with joy and happiness, staying true to who you really are. Perfect love! No more fear, anxiety, PTSD, addictions, lack of self-love that you feel you have to earn. It is time to be un-apologetically your most authentic self.

The Sacred Toad Ceremony

Intensity and quality of each experience depends on every individual and the specific dosages. We work closely with each person to guide and facilitate the ceremonies to achieve the desired outcome.

What to Expect:

Why Experience Bufo Alvarius?

To awaken from a long, collective sleep. The rules of this reality assert that physical death is the only event that can’t be avoided, simply postponed. Imagine experiencing the ego death and then resuming your life knowing that there is nothing to fear! It is all an elaborate illusion. It is time to live with joy!

Is Bufo Alvarius Safe?

This medicine is unsafe for the ego. It will challenge it and disrupt execution of programs that are running in the background of your being. The ego has a very important function – to keep you safe, happy and give you what you want. In this ceremony, you will not necessarily get what you want, but what you NEED. The ego considers this unsafe and we will venture outside of its comfort zone.

How to prepare for the ceremony?

Bufo is an Integral Part of the 7-Day Retreat!​​

We are honored to offer the the Bufo Alvarius ceremonies as a part of our bespoke program that we host during our 7-day retreat. We believe that to maximally benefit from our interaction, this medicine, the physical, energetic, mental and spiritual bodies of every participant must be thoroughly purified before one is ready to awaken to who they really are. The magnitude of the shift is often profound and our process ensures that the participant has the highest success rate of incorporating all realizations and breakthroughs into the everyday life.

What is the Program for the 7-Day Retreat?

Upcoming Events



8:30 am - 2:30 pm
Deep Gratitude

✔ The All-Inclusive Retreat Aug 5 – 12, 2024.

✔ Arrive to Liberia Airport, Costa Rica and leave everything else to us!

✔ All Treatments, medicines, transportation from and to the airport as well as food and lodging is included in the retreat fee.



8:30 am - 2:30 pm

✔ The All-Inclusive Retreat Sep 2 – 9, 2024.

✔ Arrive to Liberia Airport, Costa Rica and leave everything else to us!

✔ All Treatments, medicines, transportation from and to the airport as well as food and lodging is included in the retreat fee.


@ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

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@ 12:00 am – 3:00 pm

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The Grand Rebirth Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Bufo Alvarius and 5 MeO-DMT?
    Bufo Alvarius is an amphibian that is often referred to as “Bufo” or “the Sacred Toad” or the "Colorado River Toad" and has the power to help the person see within themselves and liberate from all programs and attachments that do not serve you. The effects of the medicine interfere with the workings of the ego, can elicit a state of oneness, unconditional love, purity, but most importantly a perspective of who we really are. The unlimited, eternal carriers of light, a fractal of pure love experiencing the world through a unique perspective here on Earth. The protective secretions contain a substance called 5 MeO-DMT and when heated and inhaled, produces a state of clarity, connectedness, oneness, feeling of belonging to all that is and re-connection with the Source. Words do not do it justice! This is a time of clarity, awareness of all that is in existence. Think of it as an opportunity to zoom out and view yourself, past experiences, traumas and limitations from a higher vantage point. It is as if we are watching a movie where you are not quite associating yourself with the main character, but observing from a place of detachment and objectivity.
  • How does 5 MeO-DMT work?
    The medicine is vapourized and inhaled into the lungs where it travels throughout the body and into the brain . Molecularly, it strongly resembles a neurotransmitter called serotonin. 5 MeO-DMT binds to these receptors causing changes to the perception of the usual reality. The programs that typically help to make sense of the so called “reality” are disrupted resulting in a feeling of unity with all that is!
  • Are The Toads Harmed During Medicine Collection?
    No. The toads are released back into nature and can be milked multiple times without being harmed.
  • What can I expect during the experience?
    When vaporized and inhaled, it by-passes the ego to produce an experience many describe as going home, meeting the Creator or becoming ONE with all that is. This experience of re-birth is often described as the most significant experience of one’s life. It is life changing!
  • How long is the ceremony?
    The ceremony is approximately 1.5 to 3 hours. The actual medicine experience lasts lasts about 20 min and is followed by a period of integration and ego “assembly”. It is safe to resume normal activities including operating a motor vehicle within 2-3 hrs after the treatment. Take extra caution and give yourself plenty of time to accomplish tasks.
  • How can I prepare for the Bufo or Toad Ceremony?
    Fast for at least 12 hrs or longer if possible. Keep your diet clean and avoid processed foods. Set an intention of what you want to let go from your life and what you want to manifest going forward.
  • What does it feel like?
    No words can accurately describe this experience. If feels like a rebirth, liberation, letting go of everything you though ever mattered (or didn’t matter to you)
  • The Toad Medicine is not safe is you have...
    It is not safe for persons taking SSRIs/MAO inhibitors. Allow at least 3 month after stopping these substances. Anti-anxiety and anti-depression medications should be stopped at least 1 month prior to the ceremony. Persons with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia shoud not work with this medicine due to serious side effects. Refrain from Ayahuaska or other psychoactive medicine at least 1-3 days before or after working with the Toad.
  • What to bring for the ceremony?
    Yoga mat, cushion, blanket, personal or altar items. Your intention and journal notes.
  • Is the Bufo Alvarius poisonous?
    Yes, the poisonous Bufo Alvarius toad, also known as the Colorado River toad or the Sonoran Desert toad. The toad's skin contains various toxic compounds, including bufotoxins, which are meant to deter predators. These toxins can be harmful or even lethal if ingested or come into contact with mucous membranes or open wounds. The primary danger lies in handling or consuming the toad's secretion, as it can cause skin irritation, eye irritation, and potentially more severe reactions if not handled with caution. When seeking to extract and use the psychedelic compound 5-MeO-DMT found in the toad's secretion, it's crucial to follow proper safety measures and consult with experienced practitioners knowledgeable about its responsible and safe use.
  • What are the benefits of Bufo Alvarius?
    Bufo Alvarius, or the Colorado River toad, is primarily sought after for the psychoactive effects of its secretion, which contains the powerful psychedelic compound 5-MeO-DMT. People who explore the use of Bufo Alvarius and 5-MeO-DMT often do so intending to experience a wide range of potential benefits, including:
    • Awaiting to accept - excepting that you are unconditional, a realisation that you are source/god/universe. Be able to be in the moment.
    • Revisiting and transmuting stored trauma.
    • The realisation that what we believe about reality may not be true.
    • Personal Transformation
    • Emotional Release
    • Increased Mindfulness
    • Reduced Anxiety and Depression
    • Acceptance and surrender of the present moment
    • Creativity and Problem Solving
  • What is the Bufo used for?
    1. Psychedelic and Spiritual Practices: The primary use of Bufo Alvarius is in psychedelic and spiritual practices. The secretion is collected, dried, and then vaporised or smoked to induce intense psychedelic experiences. These experiences are often sought for their potential to facilitate spiritual insights, personal growth, and profound mystical or transcendent experiences.
    2. Therapeutic Exploration: Some individuals and therapists have been exploring the therapeutic potential of 5-MeO-DMT for conditions such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and addiction. Research in this area is ongoing, and therapeutic use is typically conducted in a controlled and supervised setting.
    3. Traditional and Indigenous Rituals: Bufo Alvarius and its secretion have been used in indigenous rituals by certain Native American tribes. The toad is seen as a spiritual and healing power source in these rituals.
    4. Scientific Research: Bufo Alvarius has attracted attention from researchers studying the chemistry and pharmacology of its secretion and its potential therapeutic applications. Studies on 5-MeO-DMT are ongoing to understand its effects and mechanisms better.
Kelly MarceKelly Marce
23:47 20 Apr 24
My experiences with Plugimind have been unbelievably beautiful 😍 I have had the honor of being served with love and high integrity by Karina and Niko and sent on the most loving and profound journeys imaginable. I highly recommend their services to find yourself and heal in ways beyond belief. I love them both and I love what they do for those that need it ❤️🤩
Sage ScottSage Scott
16:59 16 Mar 24
I participated in a one-day, give-what-you-can, "Unfuckwithable" Kambo and Bufo Ceremony. My feelings after leaving Plugin Mind after the ceremony were pure love, bliss and gratitude.It is hard to describe the experience of consuming the medicine since it is so personal and subjective with every person. I can say that Karina and Niko, aka the lovely "cosmic doulas," and the other healers present including Donna and Steve give all of their love and support to you when you need it the most. I never truly understood what they did until I was experiencing the medicine, and truly depended on their presence and support. They are the ones you want present while experiencing a life-changing medicine that takes you to the true world, where there is no where to hide, having to commit to leaving your fears behind. I would not have wanted to be with any other beings while undertaking this experience.I believe "cosmic doulas" are such an accurate term for Karina and Niko since I truly saw the universe in their eyes. I felt loved and supported by them, even after meeting them only earlier that day. Karina is such a nurturing, gentle and loving soul, who seems to know exactly what your feeling, and only wants the best for you. While Niko is a strong source of light and truth, and will gently nudge you to commit to this experience, helping you realize your true self.Before, during and after the ceremony, I never felt embarrassment or shame, I truly felt I could be myself. After you leave, you will have a new family. And a new birthday. I feel connected with all who took part in this ceremony with me since we all witnessed each other releasing our fears and darkness and becoming true light and joy. I am grateful for all who were present.If you feel a calling to take part in a ceremony with Plugin Mind, follow your instincts. I had a blissful experience. I will take part in more events with Plugin Mind in the future.Thank you to Karina, Niko and all of the beautiful healers present for sharing your love, light and being vulnerable in order to truly help others. What you do is beautiful.Much love, Sage.
08:21 06 Mar 24
I am writing this review over a year after having gone through the Plugin Mind experience, and all I can say is that my life has been forever changed to the better and much more expansive version of myself. It is a gift that keeps on giving! Niko and Karina are the absolute best people one can go through this with as you feel endlessly cared for, safe, and supported. They are truly carrying out their life’s purpose through this work. You get a very tailored experience as they spend a lot of time with you before, during and after. Plugin Mind has put a lot of effort into crafting their offering to be delivered in the absolute best possible way, and something that immediately felt right even though I didn’t know what it would be or feel like. To this day I’m at a loss for words to describe this life changing experience, and I am deeply and immensely grateful. Niko and Karina - THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!
christina yelvingtonchristina yelvington
12:56 05 Mar 24
I typically do not write reviews. But for this, I have to! 🐸✨🙏🏼I have been holding onto trauma from my childhood and I’ve been searching for a way to escape that my entire life. I’ve tried therapy. I’ve talked to other people about plant medicine when I was introduced to Karina and Niko I had an instant connection with feminine energy and masculine energy…. With the treatment of Kambo and Bufo, I was able to let go of years of trauma and self-hate, find my true identity see myself for the first time, and most importantly, be able to let go wholeheartedly of the trauma I allowed to control me….I had enough!!!So I said NO MORE!!!! I no longer wish to be trapped in a loop of fear and trauma. I CHOOSE to be free!!!So I was reborn and I’m never going back! My spiritual path has reignited, and my path has been laid before me and is never more clear!If you’re willing to surrender to this process, you too can have a grand rebirth. It’s the best feeling to be able to be free and actually see so many things, and such a better way of enlightenment.Thank you so much Karina and Niko for all the love and for Guiding me through my Grand rebirth thank you for showing me I am worthy! ✨🙏🏼
Logan AndorsLogan Andors
14:21 03 Mar 24
Karina and Niko are the type of people that when you meet them, you are immediately put at ease. When you meet them, you realize that you trust them, completely, with anything, and everything. They are so warm, loving, and genuine. You can tell when they ask you a question, or just when they look at you, that they care, they truly love you.When I met them, they told me about the medicine that they serve and I knew it was fate. I had been researching this medicine and I knew immediately that the stars were aligning for us. They told me about an opportunity for me to join them in the medicine, and I immediately decided that I would.Fast forward a month, and I arrive in beautiful Samara. I meet several other souls joining us on a journey together. We are briefed, questions are answered, and we began a journey that I will hold dear for the rest of my life. Words cannot describe what happened that day, but they can describe where I am now. I am reinvigorated, I am charged up, I have retaken the reigns of my life. Karina and Niko did half of the work, but the other half came from me. From deep within. I had to be willing to jump off a cliff, trusting that I was in good hands. Trusting that I could fly. And as it turns out, I can, now.I cannot recommend my friends highly enough. Please, take this next step in This ride that we call life. There is so much for us to uncover about ourselves, about our reality. They can help you, they want to help you. Let them!
Nora FawziNora Fawzi
03:24 27 Feb 24
There are no words that can describe this week experience… all i can say if you ever come across Plugin Mind grand rebirth retreat, don’t think about it, just DO IT!It’s literally a rebirth, i could never really understood that before the retreat, so it is not possible to explain. It was the MOST magical experience in my life! A full reset for the body, mind and soul. Full of love, joy, warmth and above all meeting my soul family 😍.Every part of the retreat was the best as it could be. We used to say: how can it get any better? And it just kept getting better and better ❤️❤️❤️I am so grateful for Me that i have decided to gift this week to myself, grateful for Karina and Niko for their love and support and care for every little detail and grateful for Life for the opportunity to live ALLLL these feelings 🙏
Tatiana AlexisTatiana Alexis
08:29 01 Feb 24
If you happen to find Karina&Niko, congrats you are the lucky ones😉 Words can not express my gratitude for this unique experience with them. They are loving and caring at the same time authentic. They will lead you in the best possible way through this magical experience.I am forever thankful 🐸Большое спасибо✨️🌼
Anjali SharmaAnjali Sharma
23:15 23 Jan 24
The grand rebirth was the most beautiful and life changing experience. Niko and Karina are special souls who held my hand through a transformational journey of self actualization, realizations, release of intense emotions, and an outpour of pure love. The experienxe changed my world and offered so much perspective. I highly endorse this retreat and any opportunity to be in the presence of Niko and Karina, the two most loving people. I left with so much love and gratitude for myself and my new world. I am still in touch with Niko and Karina as they have held me accountable to my shifts and have also checked on me out of love and support. I will definitely do this again, I promise. Until then...I give love to everyone that wants to take this special journey of the grand rebirth. It's a life changer!!

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