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Transformational Breathwork

What Is Breathwork?

This is a practice where we use the power of breath to achieve a specific goal – to calm down the nervous sytem or relax physical body, to focus or produce endogenous DMT.

There are many ways to “touch the nose” and there are many ways to breathe. The type of breathwork to engage in depends on what you want to achieve and how much time you are willing to invest in this practice. It allows to go within ourselves and listen to the inner voice for clarity and wisdom, that guiding light called intuition. That is the compass we want to follow!

How It Works

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Benefits of Deep Breathing

There are many excellent ways to breathe, but consistency is key. It is better to do a simple breathwork session every day, rather than “the best one” once in awhile. Results are often cumulative and compound over time, but all require some level of dedication and discipline.

Is Breathwork Safe?

Yes, it is! However, deep breathing and breath holds should not be performed in the water.

Generally, breathwork is safe, however extended breath holds may on occasion lead to loss of consciousness. These “blackouts” are not dangerous and the body resumes breathing air shortly after the event. Due to loss of motor function in the pool or a body of water, this practice is not recommended!  Always have a friend nearby. 

The key to breathwork are consistency and listening to your body. There is so much our bodies communicate with us and it is important to learn to listen and allow any emotions, feeling and ideas to come through. The ego during these practices is usually relaxed.

Breathwork is an Integral Part of the 7-Day Retreat!

We are happy to share this mindfulness practice and build it into your regular daily routine. Throughout our process, you will find yourself deeply relaxed and present with each moment while you oxygenate the body and remove carbon dioxide. Another benefit of regular breathwork practice is being able to listen to your mind and observe without interfering and giving energy to what the ego might be saying – both positive or negative. We are fully able to become observers and witness the inner workings of the ego from one moment to another without engagement. It is so worth it to calm the “monkey mind” and just observe.

What is the Program for the 7-Day Retreat?​​​

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Upcoming Events


The 7-Day Grand Rebirth Retreat

8:30 am - 2:30 pm

✔ The All-Inclusive Retreat Mar 11 – 18, 2024.

✔ Arrive to Liberia Airport, Costa Rica and leave everything else to us!

✔ All Treatments, medicines, transportation from and to the airport as well as food and lodging is included in the retreat fee.


@ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

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@ 12:00 am – 3:00 pm

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Davina's thoughts after The Grand Rebirth Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are The Side Effects of Breathing?
    Breathing for a prolonged period of time can lead to Tetany. This is characterized by cramping, tightening, tingling, paralyzing, or numbing sensations of the hands and/or feet (others call it breathwork lobster hands). It is a very common occurrence during Breathwork. It is temporary and the body will re-adjust within minutes after resuming regular, steady breathing.
  • What Happens In The Body During Breathwork?
    By active breath, you start to increase the level of oxygen in your body. You stimulate the hypothalamus gland, release endorphins in the body and of course oxygenate the blood. Due to higher levels of endorphins, the brain is less in control. It might feel uncomfortable at first but we encourage you to keep going as it will pass after several minutes. You may start to feel electric like vibrations in your body and as if it is coming alive with energy in different parts. This is an indication that the body is starting to open up allowing emotions and energy to move freely through the body. In this state you are moving into a higher state of consciousness. During breathwork you will feel your nervous system slowing down and will feel at ease and relaxed. Your mind gains clarity on next steps and you will overall feel a lot more in control and present.
  • Is Breathwork Similar To Meditation?
    Breathwork, and meditation have very similar mindfulness benefits. We do love breathwork as it is very energizing, and you will see results after only one session.
  • What are the different types of breathwork, and what do they aim to achieve?
    There is a diverse range of breathwork techniques. These practices share a common thread—they compel the ego to observe and centre. However, each type has a specific purpose:
    • Transcendental Breathwork: Aims to transcend ordinary consciousness and connect with higher states of awareness.
    • Alchemical Breathwork: Focuses on inner transformation, using breath to transmute emotional and psychological elements.
    • Conscious Breathwork: Promotes mindfulness, encouraging present-moment awareness through intentional breathing.
    • Biodynamic Breathwork: Concentrates on releasing stored tension and unresolved emotions from the body.
    • Transformational Breathwork: Aims to facilitate personal growth and transformation by using breath as a tool for self-discovery.
    • Rebirthing Breathwork: Centers on revisiting and releasing birth trauma to promote emotional healing and personal evolution.
    These breathwork practices purge limiting beliefs, renew energy, detoxify the body and mind, and experience vitality while remaining fully present in each moment. Individuals can attain deep peace and lasting vitality by investing energy into themselves.

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