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10 Reasons Why Kambo is the Most Powerful Detox on the Planet!

The power of nature can’t be underestimated. We come from nature, we are nature, so it only makes sense to use what was given to us by the same force that created us! Giant monkey frog (Phyllomedusa bicolor) lives in the Amazonian Rainforest where the natives use its secretion to gain strength, build immunity, cure illnesses, and also to get rid of “panema” (bad luck). To collect the medicine, the back of the frog is rubbed, which produces a protective substance that is collected and dried for future use. No frogs are harmed in the process and Kambo can be collected again for medicine in the future.

Kambo is not a phychedelic or a hallucinogenic substance. Its effects can be compared to a flu combined with the cold simultaneously. Feeling of nausea and sweating, physical weakness may accompany the ceremony, but after the body purges all foreign substances, the feeling of deep relaxation sets in accompanied by lightness, cleanliness and clarity. Truly magical!

So, here are 10 reasons why Kambo (in our humble opinion) is THE most powerful detox on the planet!

1. Physical Detox
Kambo has the power to remove heavy metals, products of cellular function of the body effectively. When the medicine enters the body through “portals” or small circular burns in the skin, it spreads throughout the body via circulatory system and “stimulates” every cell to releases the contents that do not belong there. This procedure can be compared to how we change oil in an engine. All metal shavings, contaminants, broken down, burned molecules are removed to be replenished with fresh oil. In case of a human system, our body synthesizes all necessary components, replenishes fluids to achieve homeostasis and normal body function. Kambo can also relieve pain from the site of physical injury, such as a sprain or tissue damage.

2. Mental Detox
Kambo is helpful in challenging the ego and potentially disrupting the stuck “program” that may be running in the background and controlling your thoughts and behaviours. As an example, when ego is pushed outside its comfort zone, it tries to regain control and reassert itself by readjusting and running a different algorithm. This results in freed mental energy that is no longer spent ruminating, looking for answers and rationalizations for whatever you are trying to understand – an unpleasant conversations, dissatisfaction with your job etc. It is like a loud clap of hands resulting in redirection of attention! Added benefits include reduced frustration since the ego has been “redirected”, anxiety and increased state of well-being.

3. Lymphatic system cleanse
Kambo is effective while flushing out the lymphatic system. This is a network responsible for removal of foreign particles, cellular waste, viruses and other pathogens from the body. Once the body is free from invaders, it can resume what is does best – heal itself. The medicine does the healing by supercharging the body’s innate healing function increasing and allowing it to speed up the healing process.

4. Improved function of the Circulatory system
Kambo enters the body though a small burn in the skin and then enters the circulatory system, which transports the medicine and peptides throughout the body. The peptides target fungal and bacterial invaders by impeding their function and facilitating removal from the body. Reduced blood pressure results from vasodilators allowing stretching of blood vessels and increased blood flow through the body.

5. Cleaning out of the Digestive system
Digestive system is cleaned out thoroughly as kambo increases peristalsis and pushed all contents stuck in the “folds” or villi of the small and large intestine out of the body. During a ceremony it is common to purge the water (consumed earlier) through the mouth along with the substances refused by the body. If the fluid has made its way into the lower part of the digestive system – all contents will exit through the rear. As a result, Kambo reduces inflammation in the gut and helps to restore the health of our energy-

6. Takes the ego outside its comfort zone – and that is a great thing!
The ego has a role to keep you happy and safe. When it is challenged, it really does not like making all new decisions, because new programs have to be run to ensure predictability of any outcome. Kambo disrupts that balance and pushes the ego to adjust and as a result – grow. We know that comfort does not yield progress, but we are not going to survive if we stay the same and don’t change. We need discomfort and change for growth so the ego must adjust as well.

7. Healing using the power of nature.
Human beings are an integral part of nature. It only makes sense to heal ourselves by the same power that created us! The amphibian Phyllomedusa bicolor has been alongside us for centuries and in not-so-distant past we have had a much closer relationship with each other. We are now beginning to understand the enormous power we have as creators and healers and our plant and amphibian allies help us rediscover who we are! Nature works in mysterious ways and we welcome it once again into our lives so that we can learn, live and heal together.

8. Emotional blockages
We are beings of perspective and need a range or a “delta” to give something meaning. One hundred dollars has unchanging value, but if it is spent on breakfast, it is a lot of money. Conversely, the same amount for buying a car is really cheap, practically free! Using similar analogy, the intensity of Kambo gives you such a kick in the butt, effectively creating a
perspective and allowing you to release whatever, now insignificant in comparison issue you might have been ruminating on. Kambo is very effective in curing depression, improving mood and the state of well-being.

9. Immune system – peptides
One the major benefits of the frog secretions is stimulation of the immune system and removal of pathogens that are compromising our bodies. Kambo has many substances, including peptides that circulate our bloodstream and seek out undesirables, microscopic invaders, arresting their growth and limiting their real estate in our body. By stimulating the immune system we increase the level of defence against all undesirables and supercharge the defense capacities of our body .

10. Can treat a wide range of conditions
Kambo can truly help with the physical, mental, energetic as well as spiritual states. Post-Kambo, people often reconsider their patterns and daily habits resulting in a much higher quality of life and satisfaction with themselves. In addition, some conditions that do not have a permanent, traditional cure such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s are greatly improved post medicine. The intensity of migranes, depression is drastically reduced. Conditions such as AIDs and STDs can be successfully addressed with this medicine as well. Kambo has also great anti-cancer properties due to its varied scope of action.

It is hard to think about Kambo as a magical healing tool, but it can do so much that the benefits derived are nothing hort of magic. The benefits are truly wide-ranging and must be felt by each person. It is not for everyone – you must want to take healing into you own hands and assume all responsibility. It can’t be offloaded to anyone else. At the end of the day, we are healing ourselves – the medicines are just showing us how! Thank you, beautiful kambosito, for all that you do for every person! You are a gem and we are so very grateful that you exist!



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